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Records Management Month

The month of April is being observed as Records & Information Management Month, a practice which was initiated by the Association of Record Managers and Administrators (ARMA) International several years ago.  It is designed to highlight the value and importance of organizing and maintaining records in whatever format – paper, electronic and audiovisual – for the efficient and effective management of any organization.  Information is one of the most vital and strategic asset or any organization and the manner in which that Information is managed has significant business, legal and technological implications.

Today it is estimated that more than 90% of the records being created are in electronic format – e-mails, spreadsheets, word processed documents etc. 
Although records in this format can be more easily shared and accessed, an electronic record is more fragile than paper and can easily be overwritten, lost or become inaccessible through technological change.  Managing electronic records to ensure that they remain accessible, usable, authentic and reliable over their lifespan is a challenge facing institutions all over the world.

This is a challenge which the G-RIM Network has taken up. It is actively pursuing measures to update its members on the issue of electronic records management and to ensure that appropriate electronic management software is in place to organize the records of their respective entities. Electronic records management should be of concern to all of us for every time we pay a bill over the telephone, carry out internet banking or even make a withdrawal from an ABM machine, an electronic record is being created.  It should be in our interest to know that this record can be relied on as being an authentic record of the transaction.

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